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Meet Markéta Lichterová, our data analyst

It’s fun when there’s a huge man standing in front of you wanting to choke you and you are supposed to kick him in the crotch. No, Markéta Lichterová, our new data analyst, doesn’t support violence against men. Apparently, she (quite) likes them but she also has a slightly unusual hobby – Krav Maga, a type of martial arts. What else does she like, what exactly her job is and how did she end up working for us? Keep reading to find out more.

Five questions for Markéta

How did you end up working for Lentiamo and what has your work experience been so far? After graduation, I was thinking about what to do. I’d had some experience in tax consultancy (my major) but I also wanted to try something new. And because I went a bit crazy in school and chose Statistics as my minor, it was just a step away from data analysis. I wanted to work with data and create something, so I gave it a try and it worked out. I had to learn a lot of new things such as using analytical tools, but you have to learn on every new job and I have to admit that I have made big progress since I started working here a year ago. And the great thing is that I can always move forward.

Data analyst, that’s a fairly new profession. Can you tell us what you do and what your work day is like? I think that most people don’t know what I do, not even my family ☺ My day starts the same way as most people’s does – I get a task, such as “analyse sales of sunglasses” – a simple assignment with many solutions. I can analyse the best-selling products by the number of sold items, by product revenue or profit margin. I can also segment them by manufacturer, type of frames, colours, what gender they’re for, size, etc. I can focus on their saleability in different countries. The final result can be a report with twenty graphs and tens of tables that you have to give a presentation on.

If some of our readers decided to “work with data” as well, what type of school would you recommend? Can you study analysis at a university? I myself am basically self-taught, but I would probably choose a school that combines statistics with IT. There are plenty of courses on data mining and various statistical methods. I can wholeheartedly recommend all of them. There are also many online courses that are freely available, you just need to register. This is show I started and I only dared to look for my first job in this field after attending a course at Czechitas.

Let’s talk about your hobbies. Books, dancing, traveling…and Krav Maga, which is a self-defence system developed by the Israeli secret service. Who would you recommend it to and have you ever used it in real life? I love to snuggle up with a book, especially in winter. I am currently reading Game of Thrones – Storm of Swords. I have to say it’s no light read – especially when the book falls on your head when you doze off. I also love travelling and dancing. I was enchanted by salsa and similar styles, I can genuinely switch off when dancing. And I can guarantee you that after a night spent dancing you will feel every muscle the next morning. And Krav Maga? I went to my first practice more than half a year ago and it was a good decision! I feel more confident now and I feel like I can react better in certain situations, even though I have never had to try it in real life, luckily. We learn defence against an attacker wielding a knife, how to kick an enemy, how to defend yourself from chokes and how to choke correctly. I often return home with bruises and I’ve been hit in the teeth a few times. But sparring with boxing gloves is quite something!

An obligatory question at the end – what would you say to our customers? I’ll keep it simple – I hope you enjoy shopping with us and that you’re always satisfied. That’s all.

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