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Meet Georgina Garrigan, our graphic designer

She comes from Ireland, but she started working in Prague in October 2017. Her drawing abilities are amazing, she cooks great meals, enjoys yoga and constantly improves. And when she is in the mood, she can draw without taking a break – every day a new drawing. Wouldn't you like to have someone like this on your team? Well, too late – Georgina is already on our team!

5 questions for Georgina

You are from Dublin. How did a graphic designer from Dublin, end up working in the Czech Republic? How did you find your job in our company?

I have always been interested in an opportunity to work abroad and experience what it is like to live in a different culture. I think it’s important for me to expand my worldview and get away from the familiarity of home for a while (especially whilst I’m still young and don’t have too many responsibilities). Also, my partner is Slovak and he has just started a masters in Prague, so I decided to move to Prague to be with him. I discovered the job at Maternia online via a job advertisement website. It seemed like an attractive design job description, so I just applied and hoped for the best! :)

What does an average  workday for a graphic designer in Maternia look like?

Well, to be honest there is no ‘average’ day. Everyday is different. Since I am the only designer working in-house, I am asked to work on a wide range of tasks. For example, one day I could be working on a series of digital illustrations for the company’s blog and another day I could be editing photos for social media posts or creating mockups for website updates. I will also be getting involved in more video editing and animation in the future, so it’s a very varied position.

You have only been living in the Czech Republic for a short while, since October 2017. How are the Czechs different from the Irish, if they are different?

During my first few months here I was working remotely from home. So I didn’t meet many Czech people. However, since the new year I have started integrating more into the social side of Prague and have not noticed too many differences. The Czech people in Prague are a little bit more reserved at first, but once you get talking to them for a while they are mostly friendly and welcoming. Also, Prague seems very multicultural, which is similar to the situation in Dublin.

What are your hobbies? I know that you do yoga, work out at the gym, and that you like to cook vegetarian food. What else do you like doing?

In addition to fitness and good food, I really enjoy drawing and illustrating in my spare time. I am always trying to improve and find that it really compliments my skills as a designer. For example, from June 2016 – June 2017 I did a #draweveryday challenge (I drew everyday for a year and posted it online). It was definitely a huge challenge, but it really helped me discover my illustration style and I proved to myself that I can do anything once I set my mind to it. All the drawings can be viewed on my Instragram profile @gg_creative.

A mandatory last question: what would you like to say to our customers?

If you are looking for somewhere reliable to order your lens online, I would definitely recommend getting  them from Maternia. The team of people behind the brand are friendly, hard-working and genuinely care about online customer experiences. If you have any questions or problems, they are there to help you as soon as possible.

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