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Do you know how to choose the right sport sunglasses?

So, what are the right sunglasses for your sport?

Top athletes are covered in this already. Sports goggles must be adjustable in all directions, must have aerodynamic shape, 100% optical correction, and advanced anti-fog or even chrome finish. ** What if we just sport for fun? Can sport sunglasses be used for recreation, skiing, cycling, rock climbing or hiking? Of course they can! Keep reading to figure out what ones are best for you.

Don't forget to always remember: Safety first

Strength, durability, functionality. For these three key factors, focus on the choice of sports eyewear first. The glasses must withstand a reasonable impact, they must not slip on the nose and fall. If they are damaged, they must not become a danger to the eyes. Plastic frames are better than metal – they can break and fall into the eye or face when they fall off. Also, the plastic (polycarbonate) is what the lenses will be made out of – in contrast to the glass, it will break into a “hoop” in the event of a larger impact without sharp fragments that could damage your eyes.

Don't forget about the UV light!

During summer on a bike or in the winter on a ski or snowboard. But, maybe you prefer traveling or golf? Well these all have one thing in common – you're still out and in the sun. ** When choosing sunglasses for your favorite sport, put emphasis on their ability to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. ** This doesn't just happen during the summer, during the hottest time of the year. But, even in the autumn and winter, UV rays can still severly damage your sight – the cloudy sky is not an obstacle for UV radiation. During the winter, when you are in the mountains, sunglasses with a sufficient UV filter will protect your eyes from the radiation that is reflected by the snow and frozen areas. They are an ideal addition to the ski slope, cross-country skiing or snowboarding. For sports, choose sunglasses with a UV filter of 400 and guarantee 100% protection against all existing UV rays.

Our tips on sporty sunglasses

Sports sunglasses Oakley and Arnette meet all of the above suggestions. In addition, their design is very stylish. By the way they were designed, they're perfect for anyone looking to go adventure outdoors!

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