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10 Best Halloween Makeup Inspirations for 2018

Halloween is one of those events that are worth planning ahead. It's one of those times of the year when it's cool to play around with your makeup. More and more people are celebrating Halloween, often because it gives them the opportunity to practice their makeup skills and look amazing! We would like to give you 10 Halloween makeup inspirations for this year. And of course, colored contact lenses are the perfect complement to a Halloween costume, so come and see for yourselves how we can inspire you! 


Sugar Skulls This is a floral version of the Skull makeup, ideal for October the 31st, based on the Mexican “Day of the Dead” decorations. This is how to recreate a Sugar Skull makeup. As a primer, your first layer should resemble a “normal” skull, by applying white makeup. Then you can circle with black lines around mouth, eyes and nose – the areas where the skull is usually hollow. At this point you can fill in the circles with any colour you like. In addition, you could decorate around the eyes and on the cheeks with flowers. So, where a real skull would be hollow, you can unleash your creativity by painting colorful ornaments. Try to imagine that as a creative mandala! As crazy contact lenses we recommend Red Nights as a fabulous addition.

Inspired by @_moyindanga


Gangster clown This looks pretty good and freaky and it is actually quite fast to recreate. It's mainly focused on the eyes and mouth. Prime with light pink from the eye area down to about half of the face. Now draw a black curved line in the middle of the face like a border, to separate the two parts. In this instance the eye part can be drawn in the style of smokey eye. You can also draw lines down from your eyes, for a slightly more dramatic result. You can do the same with the eyebrows, as can be seen in the picture, pointing the line upwards. Last but not least, make your lips dark with black lipstick and draw a line out from the corner of your mouth on both sides. This makeup, together with BlackOut colored contacts, will certainly amaze your friends. A checked shirt will look cool with this makeup, too. To cap it off, you can tie a head scarf to finish the look.

Inspired by @viligancheva


White Walker So now, for the rise of the ancient race of the White Walkers! Cover your face, neck, lips and ears with white makeup by using a sponge, making sure you leave your eyes. Draw a circle around the eyelid and fill the area with black. Then you can start to add thin lines, drawing ridges and wrinkles with black makeup, using a thin brush. The look is textural and messy so don't worry about precision. Add lines until you are satisfied with the look. If you're still not clear about how to do it, watch this video on how to bring light into the darkness. Our Purple Hibiscus coloured lenses will match perfectly with this look. And another bit of advice: You probably know that you can get bonus points by ordering with Lentiamo? So feel free to exchange them for our white Halloween make-up!

Many thanks to our model and employee Peter!


Pumpkin Well, we know Pumpkins aren't really scary… but look at this makeup to the right! The detail in this makeup is incredible and it definitely gives the pumpkin look a different feel. Simply apply eyeshadow and draw with eyeliner a curved expressive line, similar to a smokey eye. Draw a few more points on the eyelid and the eye area is ready. Use orange paint for the bottom half of your face. Then paint the mouth with a wide, long black shape, like a half moon and now the lines can be painted in different lengths down and up. This look will be perfect with those crazy Nemesis or Yellow lenses.

Inspired by @taniavelascomua


Werewolf Everyone knows Werewolves come out once a month, when the full moon rises. Anyway, let's check how we could create an amazing Halloween makeup. Cover the upper and lower eyelid with dark brown eyeshadow and line the inner corner of each eye with black eyeliner. Then you should add a little white shadow just under the eyebrow and blend. Brush your eyebrows upward using clear mascara. Draw a black shadow underneath the tip of the nose and along the bottom edges of the nostrils, down to the cupid's bow. Paint in the entire lip with burgundy red lipstick and add small dots there to pretend you've just had a bloody meal. To achieve an extra-special look, wear Lentiamo's Twi­light contacts and use those werwolf/vampire teeth.

Inspired by @vannmakeup_


Skull The Skull makeup can be complicated like the one to the right, but we can teach you a way to keep it simple. It will still be impressive, believe us! Put black cream eyeshadow or face paint in a circle around your eyes. Make sure it goes over your eyebrows as well. Use the same black on your nose. For the rest of your face just use light powder to make your face as white as possible. For the teeth use black lipstick to draw lines through your mouth. You can use dark powder on your cheekbones, if you like. Choose our ColourVUE Crazy Lens White Zombie. Have fun creating this look!

Inspired by @selenebagnato


Mermaid This inspiration will be helpful for those who prefer a sweet and romantic look for this Halloween. Again, the face is first primed with a light color. In the next step the scales are painted, which is the most characteristic feature of the Mermaid makeup. They are very easy to readjust, with simple fishnet tights! Pull the fishnet tights over your head and dab colored eyeshadow (e.g. turquoise) with a powder brush, over and over again on the skin where you'd like to achieve the fish-scale effect. Apply the same eyeshadow to your eyelids. Complete the eye makeup with eyeliner, also add eyelashes to intensify the look and fill your eyebrows with purple eyeshadow. You could add some shimmer and glitter, it's up to you. Lastly find a matching lipstick, a suitable wig and use color lenses like Uv Raiden Pink or Colossus. You could also use a Makeup Fixer, this way the scales will stay clean and sharp.

Inspired by @crona_keaton


Stapled face The creepy bruised and stapled nose is creepy enough to make a worthwhile Halloween mask. You have to buy modeling wax and fake blood in advance. With the wax create a long sausage, by rolling the material in your hands. Place it on your nose. Blend in the edges with the help of spatula, which is usually included with the modeling wax. Apply foundation on the area and set it with translucent loose powder. Use a toothpick to dig a vertical line into wax. Apply blood gel in the slit to create depth and dab some dark blue, green and dark red eyeshadow around the nose and eye bags to create bruise-like marks. Use small staples and put them very carefully one by one on your nose. And here's your stapled face! To complete the makeup, wear crazy lenses like Athena Blue.

Inspired by @viktoriaharin­gova


Devil You might have been born with devilishly good looks, but going full on demonic isn't as easy as it seems. Lucky you, then that we can tell you how to get that look! It is up to you whether you want to cover your whole face with red makeup, or not. For this job it is best to use a sponge. You can start by choosing the placement of your first devil horn and apply with spirit gum or other skin safe glue. Repeat with the other horn. If this looks too dry you can add fake blood to your horns. Use dark red lipstick and apply the blood as if it was dripping from the mouth. A smokey eye is probably the more appropriate for this mask. And for a special finishing touch, wear our colour Devil Red lenses, for that 100 percent devilish look.

Inspired by @kattrinkak


Lizard And now let us introduce to you the reptile make up! First of all, you have to prepare a stencil. Take a plastic sheet, or cardboard from the back of a writing pad and cut very small non-uniform holes with a diameter of 3–10 mm. Back to the makeup, cover your whole face with black, but beware of the eyes and ears. Please use only suitable makeup. Once the paint has dried, the stencil can now be put on the sides of the face, then dab lightly with a sponge with green and red. If you want to you could colour your tongue green with baking food colouring. To complete this stunning look you should add the Reptilla crazy lenses. We have a video about the DIY Makeup, here for you!

Makeup model: Odei our lovely IT employee

Which one of these examples of Halloween makeup do you find more inspiring? Let us know in the comments. Or show us your creation just upload your picture on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks with the #lentiamo. We look forward to seeing a real horror show!

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