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Eye strain: how to make it disappear at work?

How to find relief from eye strain?

Eye strain is a problem that affects more and more people nowadays. Particularly at work, many are forced to spend a whole day staring at one or two screens, without any protection against brightness, which may be harmful to the eyes.

This can cause dry eyes, long lasting headaches, a tingle in the retina, or sometimes even facial tics. All these symptoms are consequences of the tiredness caused by staring at a screen for several hours in a row. Fortunately, there are ways to fight against this phenomenon, and we'll talk about it in this article.

Eye strain induced by on-screen movements.

This phenomenon of digital eye strain is caused by several things that take place on your screen:

  • Lighting: Imagine that you have to stare for hours at a light bulb, and this for many days in a row. This is the effect of lighting on your eyes, even if it is a soft light.
  • The blue light: described everywhere as being very harmful. It can cause AMD, or Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Do you remember those spots that you sometimes see in front of your eyes when you turn your head and look? AMD causes this phenomenon in a more severe way and people with this pathology usually see a black dot form in the center of their vision. This black spot will grow as your eyes degenerate and will hide the central part of your vision.
  • Concentration problems: not really caused by the screen itself, but rather by the fact that you stare at it for prolonged periods of time. You focus all day on what is happening in front of your eyes, so it is normal to experience strain at the end of a busy day. This is the same phenomenon that you may feel after driving for several hours, and it's the reason why you should take regular breaks during a long drive.
  • Light flashes: this usually happens when you browse the internet. For example, switching from the white colour of a Word document to the often darker shades of an Internet website will make a difference in your perception of the colours and strain your eyes quite a lot.
  • Poor eyesight: Another reason why your eyes are tired and burning may be poor eyesight. A visual aid can help. If you wanna find out, whether you need to wear eyewear, take a vision test here!

Fight against eye strain.

But how can we counter this problem? In this day and age, more often than not, you have to look at screens, whether at work or for leasure.

  • You have two options against the blue light: you can either wear protective glasses, or go into the settings of your computer to activate what is usually called the “night display”, which gives a slightly orangey hue to your screen, filtering quite a bit of blue light.
  • The lighting can be disabled, or at least decreased, especially in the case of low light, if your screen is directed to a light source and therefore does not need strong backlight.
  • As far as concentration is concerned you cannot do much about it, except taking short breaks regularly during your workday. Of course during these breaks you should refrain from looking at screens and possibly avoid using your smart-phone.
  • You can use the same protection as for blue light against light flashes: the night display of the computer makes it possible to give your screen an orangey shade, to reduce the intensity of the luminous flashes.

If you suffer from eye strain regularly, follow some of these tips and feel free to use eye drops to get relief.

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