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Christmas is coming! For Lentiamo as well...

Dear Lentiamers,

We are a very large team and that is why we will sort things out in the best possible way during the Christmas period. However, over certain days we will be with our families and we'll be busy eating, opening presents… and eating more! But do not worry, it will be for just a couple of days and we will have the same bank holidays as the courier company.

So here you have the dates when we will not be working, the dates when the courier company won't be working and the dates when our service may suffer some delays.


On Christmas Eve we'll be open until noon. On the 25th and the 26th we'll all be home, eating sweets.

And what about New Year's Eve and New Year's day?

Just like on Christmas Eve, the service will work until noon on December 31st, then we'll be closed on the 1st and we will restart on the 2nd of January.

As we all know, during the Christmas period everybody's travelling to and from home. This may cause some traffic jams, resulting in possible delays with the delivery.

Christmas is wonderful, do not spoil it by running out of lenses, please make your order well in advance.

Happy Christmas from Lentiamo.co.uk!

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