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Best Sunglasses Trend Guide Spring/Summer 2018

Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Oakley, Gucci. Which designer sunglasses were the most popular in 2017? We bring you the TOP 10 best-selling models of the last year. Be inspired.

It’s no coincidence that the first eight positions are occupied by Ray-Ban. This brand is an icon of the sunglasses market, which offers various styles of frames popular across all generations around the whole world. It’s been almost a hundred years since their sunglasses were born and over time they have become a must-have of Hollywood stars and celebrities in general. Audrey Hepburn was looking through them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, they protected the Men in Black from memory erasure, Tom Cruise wore them in Top Gun, they played a part in Matrix, even James Bond likes them. No wonder that they are a favourite accessory of our customers as well.

And here’s the list of our best-selling models:

#1: Ray-Ban Erika RB 4171 622/8G 54

Erika collection is classic but also unique. The unisex plastic sunglasses in black have an original and trendy keyhole bridge with grey gradient lenses. These sunglasses will flatter an oval, square and triangle face shape. You will of course find them among the new items for 2018 again.

oval face

#2: Ray-Ban Erika RB 4171 865/13 54

Unisex plastic sunglasses in brown with an original and trendy keyhole bridge and brown gradient lenses. These sunglasses will flatter an oval, square and triangle face shape.

oval face

#3: Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 601/8G 54

Unisex plastic sunglasses in matt black with grey gradient lenses. Sunglasses from the Justin collection have the classic Wayfarer shape with a slightly bigger frame. They will flatter all face shapes.

oval face

#4: Ray-Ban Erika RB 4171 600068 54

Stylish unisex sunglasses with a round frame and lens category 3, which is the most commonly used in summer. The grey and pink lenses have a round shape and look extravagant and intriguing in combination with the metal, thin arms. The sunglasses will flatter an oval or triangle face shape.

oval face

#5: Ray-Ban Round Metal RB 3447 001 50

Iconic sunglasses from the legendary Round line. These types of frames are the second most popular after Wayfarers. The round green lenses with gold combine in a magical combination. The sunglasses will flatter a square, oval and triangle face shape. These Ray-Bans were incredibly popular with music stars in the 60s.

oval face

#6: Ray-Ban Chris RB 4187 622/8G 54

Sunglasses from the innovative Chris line which follows up the most famous models of this brand. They are made from matt black plastic in combination with metal arms and grey gradient lenses. An exceptionally stylish piece. They will flatter a square, oval or triangle face shape.

oval face

#7: Ray-Ban RB 4147 710/51 60

Timeless sunglasses with metal details on the frames. The brown gradient oval lenses compliment the tortoise frame. These sunglasses will particularly flatter a square and oval face. One of the most popular summer models.

oval face

#8: Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh RB 4101 860/51 58

The shape of these sunglasses from Jackie Ohh collection was inspired by the 60s. Their characteristics are tenderness and luxury. The sunglasses are made from plastic in purple and brown with brown gradient lenses. These sunglasses will particularly flatter a square or an oval face.

oval face

Armani a Gucci placed in the remaining two spots:

#9: Emporio Armani EA 4033 5229/T3 56

Designer sunglasses from the collection by Emporio Armani present a luxurious, quality and stylish accessory as well as a reliable protection for your eyes. The sunglasses from plastic in grey and black are designed namely for men and present simplicity and elegance. The sunglasses will flatter almost all face shapes, but they will look particularly good on a round face.

oval face

#10: Gucci GG 4250/N/S (J5G/ED)

Trendy women’s sunglasses by GUCCI with golden metal frames, brown gradient lenses and decorative details on the arms. Elegant and stylish, they will flatter a heart face the most.

oval face

Did you choose a different model? See the complete offer in our e-shop. If you don’t know which type of frames to choose, find some inspiration in our guide.

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