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For free for you: Biotrue Multi-Purpose solution. Till midnight today only!


A solution for two? It does exist! Biotrue Multi-Purpose in a special 2×60 ml flight pack is designed exactly for such cases. Try it out for free – place an order today before midnight and add it to your shopping as a bonus.

What makes the Biotrue Multi-purpose solution so unique?
  • Comfort for two – two solutions in 60 ml bottles, two cases and a practical bag. Ideal for travelling in two.
  • Inspired by nature – it really is. It has the same pH as tears and contains the same moisturizing component that naturally occurs in the eye.
  • No preservatives – it is suitable for people with sensitive eyes

Click here to add gift to your shopping for free.

The offer is valid for one day only – 23rd of August – and the following applies: only one gift per customer. Even if more orders are made, the solution will be only added to your first purchase.


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