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Choose from a trio of treats...


The days are starting to get longer but let’s face it, they’re no way near long enough yet. Nope, not even close. So it’s just as well we’re giving you a choice of three gifts to brighten up your day instead.

We can’t give you the sun, but we can give you these three dazzlers to choose from:

  • Zero-Seven Refreshing solution with case – if you’re not a fan already, try before you buy with this mid-size bottle.
  • Max OptiFresh eye drops – ideal for winter when ambient temperature changes can cause dry eyes.
  • Qcase lens case – an animal-shaped lens case for a smile-shaped start to the day!

Decided yet? If not, don’t panic…sit back, relax and have a think: you’ve got until 24th February. And once you have chosen, all you need to do is click on your gift below, place an order with us, and we’ll do the rest.

Choose your gift
Woman Solution Eye drops Case

This offer is only valid until 24th February and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers. And as always – we’re only able to offer one gift per customer.

Happy shopping,

Your Lentiamo

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  • Fiona Boot
    2 years ago

    Definately the most comfortable and affordable lenses I have ever had


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