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Acuvue Advance Plus (6 lenses)

Two-weekly contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue

based on 16 reviews

We do not sell this product anymore.

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Acuvue Advance Plus reviews: 91 %based on 16 reviews

would and have recommended this service to all my friends and family
lenses are very comfortable! Ive used a few others lenses in the past but always had dry eyes after, couldnt weare lenses all day. Those lenses are just perfect!!!! dont feel them at all. The best so far, seriously!Will buy them from now on.

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Details of Acuvue Advance Plus (6 lenses)

Two-week contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson made with revolutionary technology for exceptional long-wearing comfort. ULTRA-CLEAN – unique to Acuvue Advance Plus – keeps protein sediment away from the lenses and HYDRACLEAR keeps them moist. Acuvue Advance Plus contact lenses will no longer be in production. The producer does not offer any direct substitution or a suitable alternative. We recommend consulting your eye care specialist about other available options.

The UV filter in contact lenses increases the protection of the cornea from the dangerous ultraviolet radiation. However, lenses do not cover the entire eye or eye area, so the combination of contact lenses that have UV filter and sunglasses is the ideal protection against harmful UV rays.

Product Details

Lenses in a box:  6
Inside-out indicator Yes
Material Galyfilcon A
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  47 %
Oxygen transmissibility 100 Dk/t
Silicone Hydrogel:  Yes
UV filter:  Yes
Easy handling tint:  Yes
Diameter:  14.0
Power:  from -12.0 to +8.0
Base curve 8.3, 8.7
Weight: 18 g
Category: Two-Weekly Contact Lenses
Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Spherical Contact Lenses

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Comments about Acuvue Advance Plus (6 lenses) Add a question

  • Sonia V.


    • Petru Culin Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hi. Thank you for this comment. Please check with your optician because only she or he will be able to recommend you different lenses. Perhpas you will be given another product from J&J's Acuvue range such as Acuvue Oasys – https://www.lentiamo.co.uk/…e-oasys.html. I hope my reply helped. Petru

  • Sonia V.

    When i tried to order it kept telling me i had to order left as well thanks

    • Ivana Sabatkova Lentiamo.co.uk


      Once you choose the correct parameters for you right eye, click Add to basket and continue with the order. If you need help, please do not hesitate to call us on 0117239825.

  • Sonia V.

    hi, but when i go to order it asks for left as well please help

    • Ivana Sabatkova Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hello, You do not need to fill the information for the left eye, just ignore it and order only for your right eye.

  • Klaudia K.

    Hi, could you please tell me what's the different between based curve 8.30 and 8.70? Thank you

    • Eva Vavru Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hello, The right choice of base curve can be done only by your optometrist. Each lens make has a different fitting and only your optician will know what fits you the best. 8.7 is a looser fitting lens.


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Super fast delivery, perfect
Fabulous lenses, really made our Halloween party
Great job! I recommend your website to everyone. Just one little thing about the variety of lenses you offer: you have only 1 brand that produces lenses with 13.8 diameter, I would like to have more choices and even smaller lenses to try . Good job!