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A sparkling offer for you. Actually sparkling


We’re the clear choice for lenses. And, for a little while, we’ll also be the clear choice for beautiful jewellery too. Didn’t expect that did you? We speak the truth. Here’s how it happens:

For every two boxes of Air Optix Colors lenses you buy, you’ll get a free pair of gorgeous Swarovski earrings. Excellent lenses. Excellent jewellery. Win, win.

Don’t need to reorder your normal lenses yet? No problem. This offer includes prescription and non-prescription (also called non-dioptric, or plano) lenses. You could even give some as a present (they are good though, you may not want to part with them. We won’t judge, either way).

This offer is valid while stocks last. And, we’ve teamed up with the good folk at the Air Optix Colors Studio to make sure there’s no limit per customer – you get a pair of earrings for every two boxes of lenses you buy.

Just click on the banner to get started – we’ll add the earrings automatically to your basket.

Click below to add to your order

Have a lovely time looking beautiful. Or looking at someone else look beautiful.

Happy shopping!


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